Get faster software upgrades with Infinix Phone Update app

It can be frustrating when you hear that a system update is available OTA (over-the-air) for your smartphone, but for one
reason or the other you are unable to download, install and enjoy it. Infinix smartphone users can cheer. Infinix Mobility has developed an app to help users of its smartphones download OTA software updates faster.

The new Infinix phone update app delivers available software updates at faster download speeds. Infinix says that it also
eliminates the problem of restarting updates and update- failed errors.

How does the Infinix Phone Update App work?
1. Download the app using this Link
2. Install the downloaded APK file
3. Open the APK and wait for it to automatically load the Update (your smartphone may prompt you to authorise
it to install apps from unknown sources; do so)
4. Once the app is installed, launch it
5. Click “Download” for the available OTA software upgrade. Note that your battery must be plugged in to a power source or be at above 60% charge to run the OTA update
6. Run the update after the download is completed
7. Your smartphone will restart and will be running the new version when done

Enjoy the new features and improvements that the software update brings to your smartphone.

Currently Available Software

Android 7 Nougat updates are currently available OTA for the following Infinix smartphones: Infinix S2, Zero 4, Note 3, and
HOT 4. Go get yours by downloading the new Infinix System Update App.

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