Kaduna State Government Launches ICT Hub

Just when there has been a clamor for a rise
and acceptability of entrepreneurship by
youths in our country, a state government
has decided to take the first step towards
this. This they have done by creating a an
ICT lab in their state. Just when it is needed.

The Kaduna state government, in collaboration of Zenith bank has launched an ICT lab in the state. They have also encouraged youths in the state to make the place a venue to be as it is expected to help them develop themselves in almost every way.


The mission of this newest ICT lab – which
can pass as the first to be created by a state government – is “To serve as a hub for
entrepreneurs, computer engineering,
software development, sofware testing and
IT training. To bring together world-class
technologies and innovations.”

In a series of tweets, the Governor of the
state, Mall am Nasir El-rufai had said that
“Transforming Kaduna into a regional ICT hub
will provide jobs for our youths and trigger
economic growth in the state.” This is in its
whole essence, the actual truth.

According to the Director General of NITDA,
he said that “This is a rare opportunity,
created by Kaduna State Government, that I
encourage youths from within and outside
the state to take advantage of.”

Now, I believe the creation of this hub should serve as a very enormous challenge to the governments of every other state in Nigeria who believe that empowering youths is the way to go. Creation of such labs like this should be the order of the day as it is no more a hidden fact that there are more than enormous opportunities and ideas on the
internet, so virtually everyone should be
provided with an access online.

The ICT Hub was first a project in the UK that aimed to support voluntary and community-based organisations in England with their technology needs. It was set up in 2005 and closed in 2008.

The Hub worked to create sustainable environment whereby charities and community groups can benefit from the use of information and communications technology (ICT).

I’m quite sure some inspiration was drawn
from the UK case above, but anyways, it is a
win for Kaduna state… Head over to the hub’s website – https://kadicthub.com

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