Here is what a fake iPhone 6 looks like

While it might be easy for the avid smartphone enthusiast to spot a fake iPhone 6 from the genuine thing, it isn’t so easy for others. We have a few pics shared by someone on Twitter. Apparently, someone made a purchase that turned out to be fake.

Photos of a fake iPhone 6

First up, so here is the iPhone 6 booting:


That looks like the authentic thing; right? So far, so good. Of course, if you look closer, the design elements are a bit different.

Once booted though, what you see an Android-style lock screen and matching wallpaper:


Dead give-away. No way that is an authentic iPhone 6.

Finally, if you flip it over and have a look at the back:


If you take a closer look at the bottom section of the rear cover, you will see this:


Yes; “Designed by M Horse”. Certainly not designed by Apple.
This “iPhone” is a knock-off that runs Android OS.

Who is M Horse?

M Horse is a Chines mobile phone manufacturer of Android smartphones. Behind almost every fake iPhone model is an obscure Chinese manufacturer. No offence to other credible
Chinese manufacturers who do not produce knock-offs. Do keep an eagle eye open when shopping for smartphones.
There are fake models of every successful brand out there. If ever in doubt, walk away.

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