Facebook Launches Tools To Stop “Revenge Porn”, Spot False News

You would agree with me that if there’s any
place that provides very easy access to
spamming other people’s timeline or walls,
then its Facebook. When people post
unnecessary information or posted on your
wall, or tag you unnecessary, or even claim
to be with you when they actually aren’t, are
some of the many downs you might encounter on Facebook.


Well, it is a good thing that the Facebook
management is working to stop things like
this – at least a part of it, the “revenge porn”
aspect. This is very common on Facebook
nowadays and could be a very annoying act.
So how does Facebook intend to put a stop
to it? Please read the post below by Mark

“We’re focused on building a community that keeps people safe. That means building technology and AI tools to prevent harm.”

“Today we’re rolling out new tools to prevent
“revenge porn” from being shared on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.”

“Revenge porn is any intimate photo shared
without permission. It’s wrong, it’s hurtful,
and if you report it to us, we will now use AI
and image recognition to prevent it from
being shared across all of our platforms.”

It feels good to know that Facebook cares
for the welfare of her users. But again, if they don’t, then maybe wechat, or snapchat, or IMO will. Aside from this, they are also
testing tools to spot fake news. Check below.

CEO and founder of Facebook had said that
“We’re starting to test a new tool to help you
spot false news stories. When you tap on the tool at the top of your News Feed, you’ll see tips on how to spot and flag stories that are hoaxes or designed to mislead people.”

“We worked on this with First Draft , a
nonprofit dedicated to raising standards for
reporting and sharing information online…

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