You Can Now Stream Videos Directly From Your Gmail Before Downloading

At this point, I am having a feeling that with the recent and incessant release of features for Gmail by Google, Big Daddy is really up to something with the service. Maybe they’re are targeting more users, maybe targeting some other things I wouldn’t know of.

Starting from increasing the size of an
attachment that one can download from a
precious side to 50 MB, then the mobile
money transefer was made available for the
app version ( it has been on web before now),
and now, another interesting feature has
come to Gmail.

The ability to stream video attachment
before downloading them. This will let you
decide which video to download and which
not to download. It will give you the grace of downloading just what exactly you want to
download and not just download an
attachment video that you are unaware of.
Before now, “Previously, in order to view a
video attachment in Gmail, you would have
to download it to your computer and open it
with a media player. Starting today, when
opening an email with video attachments,
you will see a thumbnail of the video and
have the ability to stream it, right from inside Gmail,”

So, assuming someone sent you a video
attachment claiming it to be something, and
you’re not too sure about that, you can now
stream the video to ascertain its content
before you download it to your phone. Cool
right? I think so too.


The Gmail video attachment will show up as
a small thumbnail with an image from one of
the frames of the video file. Double clicking
on it will open up a YouTube-style player
that’ll stream the video at optimal quality,
and even allow you to adjust speeds, playback, and alter sound levels.

I must say that I’m presently confused on
which company is better creative, is it
Google? Is it Facebook? I can’t make a pick
at this point as both are streamlined to
creativity at their peak.

Please note that the video attachment has
been limited to just 50MB. This might not
pave way for high quality videos too, but let’s hope it gets increased with time.

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