Optimize Images for Increase Blogger Traffic

That is the perfect manner to optimize your
Content in blogger. You simply want to
Cognizance at the images.
Maximum of articles includes with few
Photographs. Did you ever suppose, you may
Generate ton of site visitors from photo primarily based
Engines like google like google pix. In case you
Want to get greater site visitors you need to know,
The way to optimize your pix.

image seo

How it Works

For example, Think Google comes across
the following image

sport car

Typically we are the use of tag for
Pix.Therefore search engine most effective
Recognize that's photo url.
All of we are able to see its image of the car,however
Seek engine can not apprehend
It.As a result we ought to supply a few alt and
Description tag to assist search engine for
Better knowledge pix.
As an instance, if you are going to put in writing a
Article about vehicles.Just find the car picture
On your article.Surely picture offers
Hundreds of phrases.Thats why you want
To pick content associated photograph.An
Article wihout an photographs is simply stupid and
In case you want to optimize your photographs even
Further,you want to alternate document
Name.Because you need to goal your
Key phrases.As soon as you've got your keywords
Ready.You want to use them as file
Call. We could say,you are attempting to use
Key-word as "sport automobile".However, what i see
Extra people named thier photo as
1234.Jpg.This isn't the appropriate way.You
Need to rename it as sport-car.Jpg.
Alt tag is opportunity text if the picture
Cant be displayed.( slow connection)
Actually its useful for site visitors and search
Engines.Textual content ought to additionally comprise
Keywords when describing the
Photo.Thats why its excellent concept to use
Critical keywords in alt tag.This is how
You have to add it.

Sport car

How to add Alt tag to blogger images.
1. Log in to your blogger account
2. Click new post and add a image like


3.After that select your image and when it
get highlighted, you can see the option bar
like below.

car shot

Now Click on properties and add Title
text and Alt text as shown below


f you are linking your image using
text, you have to use anchor text that
includes your keywords
which helps search engine to describe your image.This
can be similar description text you used
in alt tags.
Hope this helps to optimize you image
for maximum search engine result.other
Things is to make sure the image file size should
be kept as low as possible.It helps to
improve your site speed.If you have any
other related tips, share with
us.Comment are welcome.
How It's work
Use original images
Rename your photo according to
Alt tags.

Happy Reading..

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