New Way To Browse With WhatsApp Bundle On Psiphon VPN

Surfing the internet with WhatsApp Bundle data, is what some people are hoping for, especially when the whatsapp data is too much. Sometimes, you might have alot of whatsapp data which is only officially designed to access WhatsApp application and can be boring at times to only be chatting.

Your next thinking will be on how to use the WhatsApp data to power all your applications or Surf the internet particularly,
when the WhatsApp data is getting near to its expiring date.

Hmmm I got your mind! So you can now use your WhatsApp data on Psiphon VPN in
order to power all Apps and surf the internet. Meanwhile, this tutorial is only for MTN users, who want to use their WhatsApp data. So let's go on.

How Can I Subscribe For MTN WhatsApp Data?

You can subscribe easily with a USSD code by dialing *662*3# and go ahead to choose any WhatsApp data plan from the options. As shown below;


After Subscription or if you have subscribed to a WhatsApp data bundle before, you can now go for the Psiphon settings below.

How To Power All Apps Or Browse With MTN WhatsApp data bundle

•Firstly, just download Psiphon by clicking here .

•Then launch or open the Psiphon and apply these settings below;

Set your apn to default Then on the homepage of Psiphon;

Mark Remove port

Proxy type - Real host

Proxy server - or

Real proxy type - Default

Real proxy port - 8080 or 80


•Then tap on SAVE and go to MORE OPTIONS to apply these settings;

Host address -

Port - 8080


•Then finally, go back and Tap on START connect.


So that's all! You can now enjoy your WhatsApp data on Psiphon VPN.

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