Internet Subscribers: More Nigerians Are Switching to Airtel.

The latest report from NCC showed that the number of internet subscribers in Nigeria declined to 91,274,446 in January. What’s even more surprising, at least for me, is
the fact that Airtel was the only Telco that recorded a significant increase in its January numbers, GLO also recorded an increase, but it pales in comparison to Airtel’s.


As seen from the graph, Airtel added 245,940 subscribers to its December record of 19,363,545. GLO recorded a 66,094 increase, while MTN and Etisalat recorded a drop of 737,964 and 188,656 respectively.

As to why the numbers favored Airtel, I guess people would always go for what is cheap— it’s no news that Airtel has one of the cheapest data plans in Nigeria, but so does GLO, I even think GLO is the cheapest.


Maybe the differentiating factor is the fact that Airtel has a wider coverage, maybe.


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