How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster


Here's a short academic of
Filing your blogger.Com or
Blogspot.Com blog web site to google
Webmaster.This can enable
Google to discover, index, and rank
Your site. For individuals who are new
To this, you can go to the respectable
Google webmaster gear website to
Create a brand new webmaster profile.
Upon logging in the usage of your gmail
Account, key on your blog site
Url, and click good enough. You may then
Be asked to confirm your web site. This
Is to examine that you are
Certainly the owner of the website.
There are methods to verify your
Site. You can both upload a meta
Tag or upload an html document. If
You are the usage of the meta tag
Technique, google will generate a
Meta tag code. Reproduction the meta
Tag this is generated for you, and
Paste it in your web page's home web page
Inside the first section of the page,
Before the primary phase. What you
Do is to visit your blogger
Dashboard. Below template -
>edit html, somewhere close to the
Pinnacle of the script, add the meta
Tag as follows:-

Update the meta tag with the
Code generated with the aid of google
Webmaster. Once completed, keep the
Template. While you return to
Google webmaster web page, you may
Click on the button that asserts “verify”.
Be aware: the second approach of
Uploading an html report isn't always
Relevant to bloggers using
Blogger.Com or blogspot.Com
Because this calls for you to
Upload a file to the foundation directory
Of your blog, which isn't
Viable. There is consequently simplest
One approach that allows you to affirm your
Website online, and this is by way of placing the
Meta tag as defined above.
After you have had your site
Demonstrated, click on the sitemaps
Tab as proven beneath. Via including a
Sitemap, you may be presenting
Google with more details and
Facts approximately your weblog. With
This, google will crawl your website,
Document information on any errors
In the sitemaps tab, and index
Your weblog site at a quicker charge.
Click the hyperlink that announces “upload a
Sitemap”. This could take you to
Some other display screen in which you should
Select the kind “upload preferred
Net sitemap”. The sitemap url
For any ordinary website is typically
The index web page this is stored in
The very best-stage listing of that
Web page. Within the case of blogger.Com or
Blogspot.Com, the best manner to
Add a sitemap is to apply both of
The subsequent 2 sitemaps:-




Remember to replace
Yourblogname with that of
Your weblog's. For blogger blogs,
Do no longer add "www." to
Yourblogname. When you
Have added your sitemaps, you
Will obtain a affirmation telling
You that reports are being
Generated but “may additionally take numerous
Hours to update”.
Congratulations! You have
Correctly brought your
Sitemaps. Whilst you login to your
Google webmaster days later,
You must be capable of see the
Listed pages and facts of
Google webcrawl of your blog.
Depart the meta tag in the
Template in case you want to view the
Facts of your web page. If google
Can not discover the meta tag, it will
Show an mistakes message in your
Webmaster toolbox and you
May additionally ought to verify your site
Once more.
Thats it !!!

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