How To Browse Faster With Airtel 2GB For N200 And 6GB For N500 Using VPN

Browse as fast as lightning with Airtel 2G pack plans . This tutorial now has instant solution to the Airtel 2G pack slowliness. Meanwhile, the data was only designed to be used on 2G network and many of Airtel users do subscribe for it but one of the problem with it, is the slow browsing. It's
impossible to browse faster using 2G network.

The Airtel 2G pack plans are; 2GB for N200 and 6GB For N500 . So read this prexblog tutorial carefully as your issue and problem will come to an end today.

How To Browse Faster Using Psiphon, Stark VPN, Tweakware And Others On Normal Or 2G Packs You cannot browse faster without freeing your APN settings.

So Set your phone APN to default by going to Settings>>mobile networks>>Access points and names>>Airtel NG and set it to Default. After that, you can now use it on VPNs.

For Psiphon;

•It is easy and simple. Just download your Psiphon VPN by clicking here.

•Then launch or open your Psiphon VPN and mark REMOVE PORT , use REAL HOST as proxy type and set real proxy type as DEFAULT and finally, leave real proxy port as 80 or 8080 .


•After that, leave Psiphon at default which means,don't apply any settings. Then just tap on START to connect.

For Stark VPN;

•You can download and launch your Stark VPN by clicking here .

•Then Launch or open it and choose UNITED KINGDOM or any other locations from the options.

•Then tap on GLO as the Tweak.

•Then tap on red big button to CONNECT .



With this, you will be able to browse faster with your Airtel 2G pack and even when you experience slow internet connection, you can use this method to boost your speed.

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