Here Are 7 Most Beautiful Hackers In The World

They’re extremely cute but these set of
ladies can clear an entire bank with just
a set of computers. Let me introduce the
most beautiful hackers in the world –
With a combination of beauty, brains
and cex appeal. You certainly won’t want
to mess with them.

Adeanna Cooke

She is a hacker and former playmate. An
old friend of hers decided to pose on the
internet as her and started taking money
for doing so.
This did not go down well with her. If
there was anyone who was going to be
making money off her body, it was going
to be her.
She came across an unauthorized
website with her pictures, then she took
matters into her own hands and hacked
into the account herself to take them
down the photos.
After the successful attempts, Cooke also
used her hacking skills to help others in
similar situations She was also known as
the “Hacker Fairy” to other women being
taken advantage of on the Internet.

Ying Cracker

Ying teaches people the basics of
hacking; things like changing your IP
address or wiping Office passwords
Who doesn’t want to learn how to hack
from a beautiful chic ?
She was first noticed in a Chinese
Hackers’ forum post that got her noticed
and created a huge fan base for her.
Her work is quite impressive as well.
She’s an expert in writing hacking
software and charges a lot of money for
simple courses on hacking tools.
She usually makes about $2000 per
month in the hacking business and for
that, she certainly deserves your respect.

Kristina Svenchiskaya

Kristina was a student at The New York
University and is a money mule hacker.
She attempted to defraud several British
and U.S. banks of millions of dollars
using a Trojan horse malware. With
collective team efforts, she earned a
sum of more than $3 million by opening
fake bank accounts and using fake
Kristina was later arrested in 2011 but
released after signing a bond and paying
$25,000 as bail.
If she had been convicted, she could
have been imprisoned for more than 40

Raven Adler

Ravel Alder is certainly one of the most
gifted and intelligent hackers who’s
using her education for good use. She
was the first female to give a
presentation at DefCon, one of the
world’s most prestigious gatherings of
She currently helps corporations protect
their data and other sensitive
information. She is also a consultant,
lecturer, and author who deals in
hacking and computer security.

Kim Vanvaeck

Kim also was known as Gigabyte, the
Belgium national is well known for
developing many high caliber viruses
that target hardware subsequently
destroy sensitive information.
She wrote her first virus when she was
14. She wrote the viruses not to gain
money but to cement her position in a
group of hackers that are dominated by
men. She wanted to prove to the world
that women too can write viruses and
can be dangerous hackers, unlike what
the world knows it to be. Her virus,
Sharp, is credited with being the first
virus ever written in C Sharp.
Vanvaeck was later arrested when she
was aged 17 but was out on bail in 24
hours due to her minor status.

Xiao Tian

Tian formed the female hacking group
called “China Girl Security Team,” as she
felt that there was no other outlet for
teenage girls like her in the male-
dominated world of hacking.
Her group has ties with some of the most
notorious hacking organizations in the
world and has become one of the largest
Chinese-based hacking groups.
As with most well-known and outspoken
groups of this nature, Tian and the rest
of China Girl Security Team continue to
receive attention from national and
international police organizations due to
their activities.

Anna Chapman

Anna was a Russian hacker who lived in
New York City before she was arrested,
along with nine others in 2010. She was
accused of working for the Illegals
Program spy ring under the Russian
Federation’s external intelligence
Chapman pleaded guilty to a charge of
conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign
government without notifying the U.S.
Attorney General, and was deported to
Russia, as part of a prisoner swap. She
also lost her U.S. citizenship

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