Google Photos update adds auto white balance feature to Android

Following an important update for its Gmail
application, Google announced that Photos app is getting a brand new feature as well. However, the new version released today
by Google will only be available to Photos users on desktop and Android. The iOS version will receive the new feature at a later date.
Auto white balance is the new feature Google Photos users will be able to take advantage of starting this week. With the
latest version of the app, when the photo editor is open, you can select a look, and the application will automatically correct the white balance in the image, not just exposure and saturation.

In case you haven't used Google Photos yet to its maximum potential, here are a few tips that will allow you to edit your
photos much easier.

For example, you can apply the same edits to more than one photo, or you can compare looks between multiple pictures.
You can even quickly rotate an image using the shortcut in the Assistant tab of Google Photos.

If you can't decide whichever picture looks better, the original or the one you edited, you can keep both by tapping on the overflow menu and choosing to “Save copy” to create
a new version.

1. Before auto white balance

2. With auto white balance

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