Google Allo Conversation Added Animated Emojis, GIF Search And Assistant Button

Lovely features has been added to Google Allo to make it easier for access and for users not to stress theirself before they can get things done like Google assistant button now brought to the conversation, searching of GIF and all Emojis has been animated. Meanwhile, this feature is available on the lastest update of Google Allo.

The first feature is that Google assistant button has been brought into conversation. Before now, you will have to type @google before you can use the feature in conversation but Google has now provide a button that you will type once and the Google assistant will appear instantly.
Google Assistant Button

The second feature is that of searching GIF. You just have to tap on the button next to the Google assistant button and swipe to the right to get the GIF search. Search your GIF and send to your friends or any one.
Search GIF

The third feature is about animated Emojis. Before now, the Google Allo Emojis was static which means they don't move so the Emojis has been animated. When you use the shout feature to send them, they will animate instead of appearing static.
Animated Emojis

However, the update is rolling out for Android and iOS users.

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