Blazing Hot!! Etisalat Unlimited Blazing On Pc/Laptop Using Betaslat V2.0.3

Hello guys is been a while since our last post due to domainking scam as force us to change our domain name from to

So today we are going to review on how to browse with etisalat unlimited using bataslat VPN proxy for PC /laptop users.

What is Bataslat Proxy?

Bataslat is a software that allows you browse and download unlimited using ETISALAT NG.

How To Use Bataslat On Window PC/Laptop

  1. First of all Click Here to download bataslat software
  2. Download and install JRE 1.7 or Higher (i.e if you don't already have this or a higher version installed).
  3. Note:  You MUST download 32bit java even if your PC is 64bit else BetaSlat will not open. ***
  4. Click Here to download jre 32bit
  5. Download and install OpenVPN (32bit or 64bit depending on your OS arch) (i.e if you don't already have this installed).
  6. Click Here to download openvpn for 32bit
  7. Click Here  to download openvpn for 64bit
How Extract BetaSlat To Your Desktop Or Any Directory Of Your Choosing.

First of all launch your bataslat and fill and fill in your account details.

To register and account Click Here To Visit

On the BetaSlat interface, tick the "connect" box beside the "OpenVPN Window" if you want to use the VPN connection.

Connect BetaSlat and wait for it to get connected.

If you chose to use the VPN by ticking the appropriate check box then BetaSlat will automatically establish a VPN connection.
Once this is done, you can now configure your browsers|programs to not use any proxy.

If you didn't choose to use the VPN connection then you should configure your browsers|programs to use the proxy and port 8080
(depending on the port you have on the BetaSlat interface).

Now you should be able to browse and download.

NB: it is recommended to use proxy with IDM | for downloads.

Enjoy Unlimited...

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