4 Desktop Blogging Applications For Writers

if you simply write the occasional blog publish,
then WordPress/Blogger default editor is
nice, specially in view that its latest replace.
however if you're like me and write several
pieces each week (or on occasion even
each day), then TinyMCE’s quirks can
start to grate. in case your profits relies upon
on the content you’re writing, it’s not
smart to trust browser primarily based writing
environments it’s more than in all likelihood that
nothing will pass incorrect, but I’ve
experienced too many unintended
refreshes and in any other case disappearing
content to entrust my productiveness to a
web-based totally editor.


luckily, I don’t should. There are
masses of computer packages that
combine nicely with WordPress, permitting
bloggers to jot down and submit their
content material without ever searching at the
blogger admin dashboard. In this text,
I’d want to check my favorites.
The nicely-kept secrets of Writing first-class
net content

Byword / Marked Application

after I’m running on a Mac, the
combination of the Byword text editor
and the Marked markdown previewer is
by some distance my preferred writing environment.
I’ll consciousness on Byword right here, but Marked
has a few very useful functions, which include
link validation, keyword highlighting,
readability facts, and the capacity to
show previews with user-furnished CSS
Byword is a textual content editor. at the face of it,
Byword is a completely easy utility. For
me, that’s a incredible issue. I just want to sit
down and type, however, even though it seems
simple, Byword certainly quite characteristic-
rich — with exactly the right capabilities,
too. Byword makes use of Markdown for
formatting, that's a straightforward
markup language that anyone can examine
in an hour — and they have to: it makes
a massive difference to the writing
experience and productiveness. Byword
gives extremely good Markdown guide, with
smooth-to-recall keyboard shortcuts
for including titles, hyperlinks, lists, and so forth.
but Byword wouldn’t deserve palace on
this listing if it couldn’t submit to
WordPress. In fact, Byword can put up
to WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and
Evernote. Publishing is a top rate
feature, however it’s now not high priced and well-
well worth the price to miss the reduce-and-
paste-into-Wordpress stage of blogging.
due to the fact Byword is to be had for the Mac,
iPad, and iPhone, customers can put up from

Marsedit desktop blog editor

this is some other device for the Mac users out
there. I couldn’t write a post approximately
laptop blogging software with out
together with Marsedit, the blogging tool of
preference for lots, which includes John Gruber,
writer of Markdown, despite the fact that Marsedit
does brilliantly with rich text too.
Byword is an first rate textual content editor for
writers, however Marsedit is a complete-fledged
blog editing device, which is well suited
with WordPress, Tumblr, Typepad and
dozens of different content control
systems. It functions splendid media
aid, with one-click on photograph insertion
from an expansion of sources. If you like, you
may even integrate your favored text
editor with Marsedit, including BBEdit
and TextMate.

Windows Live Writer
Windows Live Writer is getting a little
long in the tooth, but it’s still the best
Windows tool for publishing to
WordPress. It offers many of the same
features as Marsedit, except without the
Markdown support. If you’re a WordPress
blogger who prefesr to work in a
Windows environment, Windows Live
Writer should be your first port of call.
How to Write Your Blog in a Successful

Blogilo Edito

Last, but certainly not least, is a tool for
our friends who prefer the Linux
desktop. Blogilo features a WYSIWYG and
HTML editor, with previewing that
matches your blog’s style. Users can
create, modify, and delete posts, as well
as schedule publication.

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