You Can Now Add Upto 10 Photos And Videos On A Post in Instagram

Amazing and long waited feature has been added on
Instagram that allows or enables users to add upto 10 photos
and videos each on a post on Instagram. Before now, it was
only one photo or one image on a post.
This feature is very simple to use. When uploading, you will
see a NEW icon that when tapped, will let you select multiple
videos and photos. So once you have selected them, you can
add filter to all of them at the same time or go one by one.
You can also reorder the photos and videos by holding each
one. These posts have a single caption, they are square in
shape for now and they will show or display on your profile
grid with a little icon on the first video or photo indicating
that's there is still more photos to view.

In feed, you would see a blue dots at the bottom of these
posts to let you know you can swipe to see more.

So this feature is now available for all Android and iOS users
on the lastest Instagram version 10.9 and can be updated on
or Appstore .

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