WhatsApp Status is finally here, and it looks like fun

A few days ago, WhatsApp announced an upcoming feature: users would be able to post pictures, videos and GIFs on WhatsApp Status. This will replace the usual WhatsApp status update. Well, today this became a reality; the WhatsApp Status is here now. However, the
new version discarded the function of the old status updates. This might be a problem

For one thing, WhatsApp Status only allows pictures,videos and GIFs. This is a cool feature; but it does not allow text updates.

The WhatsApp status used to be a way to let your contacts know if you are available. Now you can’t even do that; what, then, is the point of calling it WhatsApp Status?

This defeats the purpose of uploading statuses. Besides, your new status will only last for 24 hours. Unless, therefore, you are religiously addicted to uploading pictures and/or videos of yourself every day, it would get tedious really quickly.

Nevertheless, it’s quite fun to play with. I have already posted my first Status; it’s quite easy. Here’s how to do that:

1. Tap on the Status tab. You will find this tab beside the Chats tab.

2. Click on the dotted circle with the plus sign. Or you could tap on “My Status”.

3. Select the picture, video, or GIF you wish to use as your Status. You could also take a picture or record a video right there.
Note that you can delete your Status before it expires.

Just click on the 3 dots in front of your Status.
One thing that still impresses me about the WhatsApp Status is the privacy. With this feature, you can still rest assured that your Status update will be private if you want it to. It has three privacy options; you can share your status with your contacts, prevent some people from viewing your status, or share it with only a few people.

Well, on the surface it looks good. SnapChat users will definitely enjoy it. However, I think some would prefer the old status update option.

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