WhatsApp adds two-step authentication feature for extra security

Guys, WhatsApp is at it again. Have you heard about the two-step authentication yet? This is a new feature that adds an extra layer of security to your account; basically, anytime you register your number on WhatsApp, it demands an authentication code. For example, if you change your device, you might want to install WhatsApp. image When you register your number with the new app, it asks for the two-step authentication code. Get it now? In order to activate this feature, go to settings. Click on “account”, then you will see an option labeled “two-step verification”. Click on that option, and then follow the instructions. This sounds quite neat, guys. Also, for the forgetful dudes and dudettes like me, if you forget your authentication code, it’s quite difficult to forget; the app will make you enter the passcode once in a while. You know, just in case it’s your girlfriend, snooping around again. Furthermore, you can set up a backup email account for this feature; if you somehow forgot your passcode, you can always use your backup email to reset the password. Now, what if someone steals your account, hacks your backup email, and resets your passcode? It means your girlfriend is particularly determined; you should probably marry her. I’d like to imagine what the possibilities of this new feature will be; however, there’s one glaring flaw in the whole plan. For a lot of people (me included), typing a password every time you launch the app is quite a chore. However, WhatsApp only wants to make your account safer. If you want, you can disable the two-step authentication whenever you want. Just follow the same steps you took to enable it: go to settings, click on “account”, and then click on “two-step verification”. Then follow the instructions. Hooray, your account is now less safe than mine, but you don’t have to input a password every time you register your number.

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