Top Smartphone Seller In China, Oppo Increase Shipment Plans By 60%

Oppo, the Chinese electronics manufacturer
based in Dongguan, Guangdong whose major
product lines include smartphones, Blu-ray
players and other electronic device has
concluded on plans to increase their
shipment plans.

Oppo, who entered the phone market in
2008, have continued expansion of its
production capacity in China in a bid to
retain its position as the number one
smartphone seller in China.
Recall that they had achieved the feat of the
number one smartphone seller in 2016 by
defeating giants like Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei
etc. Till today, I can’t really say what became
of Samsung as at the time.

Oppo also plans to build up production lines
in India and Indonesia in line with its plan to
further increase shipments to a maximum in
2017. Additionally, the company have also
made very significant expansions to its
production line. This was done by increasing
the number of factories from three, to five
factories in China.

If reports from its financials are to be taken
seriously, in 2016, Oppo raised its
smartphone shipments by 132.9% on year to
99.4 million units, this accounted for a 7.3%
share globally, whilw according to its 2017
target, Oppo is aiming and making plans to
sell more than 160 million units, which
translates to a whooping 60% increase over
the shipment quantity for the previous year.

This however, is an expected move from the
smartphone company. Any company that
witnesses an increase in demand to the tune
of being the top seller of a particular product
would surely make appropriate plans to meet
up with both present and future demands.

Other sources have however reported that
Oppo is likely to scale up its shipments by
20-21% to 120 million units in 2017. We’re
still waiting for the official figures from the
appropriate channels.

Need we also mention that Oppo displaced
almighty Apple from the first place after five
years of dominance. So what does this tell
us? Welcome the new king of China..

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