The NextBit Robin has been acquired by Razer

Who is Razer?

The new owners of Nextbit are a gaming hardware and
software company. This brand also specializes
in keyboards, headsets, speakers, and powerful gaming
laptops. The Razer Blade Pro is one good example. This
acquisition will see all Nextbit staff absorbed by the new
owners, though they will work as an independent unit.
Sales On Hold
It is also important to note that sales of the Netbin Robin
smartphone has been put on hold. The company
promises to fulfill warranties for six more months and
software updates up till February 2018.

Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan, had this to

“Nextbit is one of the most exciting
companies in the mobile space”
Razer has a track record of
disrupting industries where our
technology and ability to design
and innovate have allowed us to
dominate categories with
longstanding incumbents, such as
the peripherals and laptop
categories. With the talent that
Nextbit brings to Razer, we look
forward to unleashing more
disruption and growing our
business in new areas.”

Tom Moss, Nextbit Systems Inc. CEO stated in a forum

“In order to reach a wider
audience and continue our
mission, we decided to join with a
larger brand, We’re lucky to have
found a company in Razer that
shares our value of pushing the
boundaries of what our devices
can do.

Nextbit will suspend the sale of their smartphone, but
promises to continue offering warranties for the next 6
months. They also promised updates and security
patches till February 2018. We can expect to see exciting
products coming from them in the nearest future.

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