Security Breach: Verizon Wants Millions Of Discount On Yahoo Deal

This is an actual case of taking using your
strength – or others weakness – to your
Favour. And also another case of selling
when the time is right. How you know the
right time is solely at your discretion.
Yahoo have found themselves at the
receiving ends as buyers Verizon, after
agreeing to a deal earlier, is now pushing for
a renegotiation and a possible $250 million
cut would be effected in the selling price.

Recall that there had been agreements which
puts Yahoo’s selling price at around a
whooping $4.8 billion. However, the deal
which was first announced in July 2016 and
had been set to wrap in the first quarter of
2017 would now be renegotiated to the tune
of $4.5 billion.

This is coming after series of high-profile
breaches reportedly suffered by the company
last year. Sometime in the month of
September, year 2016, the Yahoo revealed it
had suffered a massive attack affecting
close to a million users. Today, it is almost –
or nore than – three months and yet, YAHOO
could only come forward with news of
another major breach and no solution to the

Trust me, if I was Verizon, I’d ask for a $750
million cut from the initial deal. I can’t inherit
a dying company whose security is zero and
still pay that much. But then, it seems
Verizon has so much money.

According to reliable reports, in addition to
the discount, Verizon and the entity that
remains of Yahoo after the deal, to be
renamed Altaba Inc., are expected to share
any ongoing legal responsibilities related to
the breaches.

An announcement of the new agreement
could come in a matter of days or weeks,
said the people. The revised agreement isn’t
final and could still change, they said.

But now, when we finally have Altaba Inc.,
what would the Yahoo strength be used for? I
guess all we can do is to wait and find out.
But I don’t see a revived Yahoo anytime
soon, do you?

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