Photo Albums feature set to debut on Instagram soon

Listen up, everyone. Instagram is working on enabling
users to post photo albums. That means that instead of
posting your heavily modified pictures one at a time on
Instagram, you will be able to post them all at the same
time! Yaay!


For those of us that love photo albums (read: all of us),
this is great news. Remember that the closest thing
we’ve had to this feature was the Layout app, which
users could use to create a collage. Also, Instagram
Story helped a little. However, the real thrill is not in
creating an album slowly, over the years. Ain’t no one got
time for that.
The joy of the feature is in creating a whole
new album in the time it takes to post one picture.
But hold on a minute; that feature is not yet available for
public use. However, it is already in beta testing.
According to a report by Mashable, this feature allows
users to select up to 10 photos at a time and combine
these photos into a single post, thus creating an album. It
is available for advertisers and a few beta testers;
however, no one knows how soon they will release this

Once the photo albums feature is rolled out, however, it
would help users to post multiple photos at the same
time. Basically, the user would hold down one picture,
and then they would have the option of selecting more
pictures. Then, they could either apply filters to all of
them at once, or do that to each photo separately. Well,
that sounds awesome; however, I should certainly hope
that the feature would not make posting single pictures
less important. Also, how would viewers see the photos
on the album? Would they view it open after the other, or
all at the same time? So far, there has not been any word
about that. However, expect the Instagram Photo Albums
feature to roll out soon on Android and iOS platforms.

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