New Way To Add On-screen Navigation Buttons To Your Android Devices

New Way To Add On-screen
Navigation Buttons To Android

You can now manually add on-screen navigation buttons to
your Android devices without buying a new phone with the
pre-installed feature. To add this feature to your Android is
very simple and easy because it doesn't require rooting of
Android smartphone at all.

I can remember at that time that we make use of xposed
installer to add this on-screen navigation bar and not only
that, to change battery icon, network signal icon, time and
date, and even notification bar of Android.

This was fun but
it's technical though.
So Android App developers are now working hard to develop
software's or applications to base or perform one specific
task. Meanwhile, some latest smartphones has the feature
while some doesn't come with it and if you are among those
whose mobile phone doesn't come with the feature like Infinix
Hot 4 LTE , Infinix Hot Note users and others, this article is
highly recommended for you.

Advantages Of Adding On-screen Navigation Buttons

•If your smartphone physicial buttons are faulty, you
can make use of this on-screen navigation buttons.

•It makes your smartphone stand out and unique
because it beatifies phone. Imagine, using this
feature on your Infinix Hot 4 LTE or hot notes.

•If your smartphone physical buttons doesn't light up
at night, you can make use of the on-screen
navigation buttons in order to also see your buttons
in the night.

Have you seen the features? So the application that can
perform this task is called Virtual Softkeys . Why I recommend
this app is because, it has more features and quality than
other on-screen navigation buttons app on playstore.

Where To Download Virtual Softkeys

You can download Virtual Softkeys by clicking here. Its file
size is just 1.6MB . After download, you can now give it
permission to accomplish it's mission by going to
accessibility then enable.

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