MTN 4G LTE Data Plans, Subscription Codes And Price

Browse till you are tired! MTN 4G LTE data plans will perform
the task for you. Nothing good like browsing with a good
network without stress. Normally, MTN network is good for
browsing and come to think of using their 4G LTE network to
surf the internet or download? You will surely enjoy your
experience with MTN.

This MTN Data Plans only works on smartphones that
supports 4G LTE network with Band 7 (2600mHz) . It can be
used to download, stream HD videos, play online games and
many more. So let's see their 4G LTE data plans and
subscription codes with their prices.

MTN 4G LTE Data Plans, Subscription Codes And Price

Their 4G LTE data plans looks a little bit expensive but to
improve your internet experience and feel comfortable when
browsing, their data plans are recommended for you.

•100MB for N500 valids for 7days
•150MB for N499 valids for a day
•200MB for N1,000 valids for 30days
•2GB for N2,000 valids for 30days
•13GB for N3,500 valids for 30days
•15GB for N6,000 valids for 30days
•20GB for N7,500 valids for 30days
•26GB for N10,000 valids for 30days
•Unlimited data for N36,999 valids for (30 days
•42GB for N66,499 valids for 12months
King size for N13,000 valids for 30days
•12months + 2months free for N16,000

It is very fast and good for heavy downloaders.

How To Subscribe For MTN 4G LTE Network

It is easy and simple. Just dial *444# and choose from the
options then subscribe to any of your preferable data plan and

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