How You Can Enjoy Instagram On Your Laptop

One simple and quick way to make use of Android apps
on your pc is via Bluestacks
Without breaking any Instagram laws, we are going to use
Instagram via the blue stack emulator.

Focusing on Bluestacks emulator amongst a list of other
emulators on android, Bluestack wide range of
compatibility and sharing power is absolutely great as
1. It is available on operating systems like Mac and
2. It’s very simple to install the app
3. It is easier to save a file on your desktop and actually
post it on the Instagram app as its content is shared
between the emulated Android app and the host


1. Step One: install Bluestacks on your Pc with your cursor
on the Bluestacks icon, right click and open. Once the
Bluestacks has been launched, double click on the play
store icon.
Just the way you search for an app on your android
devices, also search the playstore for the Instagram app
Once the Instagram app is found, double click to install
and also accept the things Instagram will like to access
(things like your media files).


Practically you can open your Instagram and log in on your
android device, this is exactly the stage you are in on your
Bluestack. Before proceeding to the next step please do
so now.


For easy sharing, transfer photos to your bluestacks.
Since you have successfully install and log into your
Instagram account, transfer of contents form your pc to
your Instagram is completely easy. For instance, you want
to share some photos of the latest benz F015 on your
Instagram account with the bluestacks, it is basically two
clicks to import the photo into Instagram and this is all
you need. You could also edit, tag and caption the photo.
To open the host computer file browser, look on the side
bar of the bluestacks windows, just click on the folder
icon to open.
To upload a file, select the file then click to “open”
After selecting the file you desire to upload, you will be
given a list of application on the emulated android device
to complete the task. From the lists of application choose
To continue using Instagram to handle your file, once the
lists of applications is given to handle the task comes up
select “Instagram” and click the “always button”
If you have other apps in mind to also handle your file,
don’t click the “always button” as you may use those apps
to execute your files much later.
Once Instagram loads, then Instagram asks you to crop
the photo, choose a filter, add tags then tap the “share”
With the simplicity in transferring your photo file from your
host computer to your Instagram and also not breaking
their terms of use. Also your account is given the right to
a third party. With this, there is no difference using your
Bluestacks in doing Instagram and that of your Android
device, thanks to Bluestacks.

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