How To Use Google Keyboard To Share GIFs On Your Android phone

Gboard (Google Keyboard) is one the functional keyboards
found on android which is already installed on most
phones, even on those not manufactured by Google as it
enables you share GIF or emoji on android.

Amongst other features, Gboard enables the sharing of Gif
directly into the text box of some apps, also allowing the
search for emoji whenever you urgently need to find the
character most suitable.

You can achieve both by following the procedure below.
If you don’t have Gboard installed on your android device
with it already selected as your default keyboard, please
do so quickly.
Ways to search and share Gifs using Gboard.


Gif sharing must be readily supported on the app, else the
option will not be available as it will be crossed out.
Launch the app you desire to send a Gif, click on the text
box, now you see the keyboard
Tap the “comma” button for a while (you will see a smiley
face in the background) choose the blue smiley face by
swiping upwards click on the Gif button in the emoji
selection screen.


You can choose a suitable Gif from the following ways
either from the Carousel, or you click on “search Emoji”
just above the Carousel, then type in search term, for
instance in the search box type “flag” then select from the
lists of Gif. Then click on the send or enter button right
above the keyboard.

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