GTBank 737 mobile banking is now more secure

GTBank 737 mobile banking is
now more secure

11 months ago, we put Guaranty Trust Bank’s 737 mobile
banking service under the spotlight and showed how it
had a gaping security hole in it. The security flaw in how
the GTBank 737 service worked till now was that the only
authentication needed when you dial *737# and proceed
to carry out a transaction were the last 4 digits of your
ATM card as PIN/password. This meant that anyone who
steals your phone and wallet (where your bank card is
likely to be) can use the service.

The More Secure GTBank
737 Service

Well, GTBank has finally plugged the hole. The service
now requires a 4-digit PIN to be able to complete
transactions on the platform. That is certainly a more
secure approach to the service than the previous use of
your card’s last 4 digits. It is a surprise that it took 11
months, but better late than never.


Create Your PIN

According to the instructions on GTBank’s website, here
is how to create a PIN for use on the 737 platform:

1. Dial *737*5#

2. Input the last 6 digits of your debit card

3. Create your 4-digit PIN

You will require your 4-digit PIN to complete your
transactions, so do not forget it.

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