Google introduces mobile live-streaming for YouTube

Do you have 10,000+ followers on YouTube? Do you
want to be able to interact with your viewers in real time,
but don’t have time to sit in front of a webcam? There’s
good news; Google has got your back. Google has
introduced a brand new feature; this will help subscribers
interact with their viewers live, from their mobile app.

Live-streaming from your mobile app? Sign me up,
Google has described this new feature as “a highlighted
message in the chat stream that stands out to the crowd
to get more of your favorite creator’s attention”. Live-
streaming video will support the capabilities of standard
video; this means that users can find these live videos
the same way they would find any other video. These
videos will also have the same copyright protection as
other videos.
This feature will eventually be available for all users; for
now it is only available to creators with 10,000 or more
subscribers. Also, it has a cool feature: you can buy
highlighted chat messages and pin it to the top of the
chat window for five hours within the live stream. This
would give the viewer a better chance to get the
attention of the video creator, and it helps the creator
make a little cash on the side. Everybody wins!

This is not the first time that Google has dabbled in live
streaming. Remember Felix Baumgartner? He is an
Austrian skydiver; in 2012, he jumped to Earth from a
helium balloon in the stratosphere. He streamed this
stunt live on YouTube, of course. Also, last year’s
Coachella Music Festival in the United States featured a
360-degree live stream. This too attracted millions of
viewers. Furthermore, there are loads of other examples
of YouTube live streaming; however, mobile live
streaming is the way to go now. great one, Google.

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