Finding help after disaster gets easier with Facebook

Some time back in December, Facebook had unveiled to
the world what it tagged Community Help. This
development came as a component of its Safety Check
feature which was aimed at bringing into touch persons
being inflicted with a disaster and other persons in that
region willing to offer help. The way community help
works, the users can reach assistance in form of
transportation, food, shelter and other helps. Facebook
has taken time in testing this feature in countries like US,
India even in Saudi Arabia

Last year Facebook had announced to the world that
Safety Check is going to get increasingly automated.
way it works is agencies responsible for reporting global
crisis will disseminate alerts to Facebook who will from
there try to match user posts in that region geographically.

The Community Help is rolling in is made in such a way
that it is much easier to make matches after a disaster. In
the region where the disaster occurred, you can see it
inside the Safety Check — so after a calamity, you simply
go there. But the thing is you only get this community help
feature strictly in areas which had suffered the occurrence
of natural disaster or a major calamity.

The feature available to persons 18 years and above
would be rolled to other countries including Nigeria

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