Facebook’s brand new feature will help you get jobs

I know you like Facebook. Everyone likes Facebook. I
also know that there are some people that are looking for
jobs. Furthermore, we all know how hard and frustrating it
is to find a job. However, here comes Facebook to the
rescue. You can see where this is going; Facebook has
brought thee two things together. As of Wednesday,
Facebook has announced a new feature, which will help
people find jobs on Facebook. Guys, Facebook owns
everything now.
Facebook announced that it will roll out features which
will enable companies to post job openings and
applications directly. US and Canadian companies will be
able to post these job openings on Facebook, thus
bringing them closer to job applicants. We know that
Facebook is known for connecting people. This is another
method to connect people with what they need; from the
comfort of your home, you can get a job. This is such
good news for those dudes who have searched for jobs
everywhere without success. Besides, now you have a
valid excuse to surf Facebook for days; if anyone asks
you, you can say you’re looking for a job.

Now, job seekers in the US and Canada can apply for
jobs by simply clicking the “apply now” button on their
tab. Then, Facebook will auto-fill some of the required
information from their Facebook profile. This information
includes your name and location. The applicant can
review the information before sending it.

Thus, Facebook
creates a conversation between the job candidate and
the business, easy peasy.
“We know that finding the right talent can be
challenging”, says Facebook in a blog post. That’s true;
it’s particularly difficult to match the right job to the right
person. This is a huge problem in Nigeria, where some
people only get jobs based on who they know, rather than
how qualified they are for the job. With this feature,
Facebook will help your company get exactly the right
kind of person for the job opening you want to fill. You
see, this is why I like Facebook; they even want us to get
better jobs.

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