Facebook videos will now be automatically playing sound

Facebook is pruning its video service with some couple of
changes. Most particularly is its mode of playing its
videos. From the development surfacing, it indicates that
Facebook will be introducing a couple of changes to its
video playing rolling in something like an “autoplay”. What
is the implication of this autoplay?

It means that when your phone is not silent (as to how you
set it) or possibly you have not disabled the feature via
the mobile settings panel of Facebook, any video you
happen to see in the New Feed will play automatically
with sound on by default. For some time now since August
Facebook has been testing this feature.

You can however be sure that this Facebook’s automatic
video sound playing will not turn disruptive in that it will
not disturb your music coming from Spotify, Apple Music
as at the time Facebook video starts playing. Quoting the
words of Dan Rose, who occupies the position of
Facebook’s vice president of partnerships, he had laid
emphasis on the changes reiterating that Facebook strives
to respect the privacy of users “We’re going to honor the
sound settings on your phone,” he said today at Recode’s
Code Media conference. “If sound is on your phone, we’ll
default to sound on rather than off.”

According to Facebook you can choose to turn off the
feature by simply toggling on the “Videos in News Feed
Start With Sound” appearing in the settings panel. Well the
ambitions of Facebook can be technically read in that
Facebook could be calculating that when it turns on the
sound on Facebook automatically, users can easily get
absorbed in the videos as Facebook strategically strives to
make the biggest social medial platform an equal
destination for video be it streaming or recorded

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