Facebook now allows you search for pictures by their content

Searching for photos has never been this easy as
Facebook latest update has been geared towards this with
the aid of its computer vision platform. Searching of
photos is done using any keyword that explains the
image’s content.

Facebook new search idea is also based on matching your
search to posts from your friends that perfectly fits the
description. For instance, if you search for “pictures of
oranges” or “pictures of flower” the search will yield posts
from your friends. The results will be shown higher in the
grid accompanied alongside other vital images that you
may find applicable.

Taking a closer look at IOS 10 or google photos image-
recognition features, the Facebook search update is of
similar principle.In this new search feature, abstract
keywords also work. I ran a photo search using the
keyword “creepy” and these results popped up.
Results are tied with other context clues from images
such as caption or comments when it comes to a more
subjective search.When I ran a search on “bad photos”
images from friends at the women’s march a few
weekends ago popped up which showed signs pointing to
“bad guys”. Another result showed an apparent fine photo
which was captioned describing the subjects as “un

The search wordings are not completely fixed in with
graph search which brings results from specific posts from
its users. Therefore, the search on “food photos” will not
bring same result as a search on “photos of me with food”
only if you are tagged in various food selfselfies
The company’s zeal to use computer vision in more
consumer facing products is placed in line with the photo
search update which is readily available to both web and
mobile users in the US.

The previous year the artificial intelligence was launched
to aid visually impaired users identify various elements of
an image. The A.I will later be applied to analyze context
for video searches as this was made public by

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