Do You Know How Google Keeps You Safe While Using Chrome?

The chrome browser as unique as it maybe has not yet
been fully utilized. It is no news that the chrome browser
helps prevent you from visiting websites that may be
detrimental in contact. This is very true as more
information about a web page is readily available right
before us in the Omnibar. Now let’s learn of googles
secret method in ensuring our safety on the web when
using the chrome browser. Based on certificate and data
received by Google’s safe browsing program, each website
is given a trust rating.

when you load a webpage, Google safe browsing which is
an index of the web automatically warns you when a
potentially harmful webpage begins to load by pausing the
loading page and giving its warning signal. An information
from google telling you of what is wrong and the option to
either continue to the page or to go back a step to the
previous page.

As you can see the website address is missing as it was
blocked to ensure no one visits this site. Goggle safe
browsing engine handles webpage which contains malware
or collects your user data in the aforementioned order.
Safe browsing is a service from Google’s web security
team which is integrated into browsers like chrome,
Firefox and safari to ensure our safety on the internet and
also for other companies to use.

An alternative safety check is also available in chrome
which makes use of a sites SSL certificate. This is of
utmost necessity as a certificate helps keep a
cryptography key to a specific site.
A server upon which a confirmed certificate is installed
helps activates the HTTPS protocol so secure connections
between you and the webserver, this ensures the safety of
things like credit card transactions, personal details and
data transfer as these stays between you and the site in
visit. Another function of a certificate is its ability to bind a
sites hostname, company name, and domain name

Company with a big intranet or those with their own VPN
credentials or you have a custom certificate from your IT
department is to be mark trusted in some application.
They don’t go into googles main list as google has a list
of companies that provide these SSL certificate who are
trusted, but are seen in the same order due to the
recommendation by you or your IT department,
recommending it as trustworthy.


1. NOT SECURE. There is something wrong with this site’s
privacy setting and someone else might be able to see the
data you’re sharing with it
2. DANGEROUS. Avoid this site because your private
information is at risk. If you didn’t disable safe Browsing,
you’ll get the warning page before you arrive at a site with
this rating.

3. SECURE. This web page is using a valid SSL certificate
and all the data going back and forth is only available to
you and the server you’re visiting.

4. INFO. This site isn’t using a valid certificate. But there
is no reason to suspect any hanky panky is going on. You
can click the icon to get the details.
These icons are found in the omnibar in your browser. To
get a complete details Google has about the site as well
as links, just tap on any of them.The need for safe
browsing is of great essence as SSL certificate usage has
become more useful to this effect. It is obvious that most
firms with large online presence make use of them. To get
there, ensure that you are using the right URL .

A very good example is Android central. SSL certificate
has been highly recognized by us and you will be able to
use it with Chrome via this link https:// The lock icon is seen along with
our company’s name in the chrome’s omnibar, this implies
that virtually everything done on our pages is encrypted so
that only you and we share all the information.

Outside chrome, other browsers like Microsoft Mozilla,
Apple also ensure you safety on the internet in order for
you to keep using their products. The use of Chrome
provides you with sufficient details to aid you interpret
exactly what is going on.

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