Do we really have BlackBerry Zero yet?

In Q4, 2016, BlackBerry Limited shipped only 208,000
BlackBerry OS smartphones globally. That figure
combines legacy BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 OS.
That amount is so insignificant that it registers on
Gartner’s global operating system chart as 0%. BlackBerry
Not Quite BlackBerry Zero
Note that below the Gartner chart, we have “Other OS”
amounting to a 0.1% marketshare. What platforms
constitute this “Other OS”? Tizen OS and Sailfish OS are
in there for sure. Gartner should just have lumped
BlackBerry OS in there under “Other OS”. Afterall, the
phones are selling like those others. Of course, we get
the idea that Gartner’s intention was to show the exact
number of BlackBerry OS phones sold.
We do know that BlackBerry OS is as good as dead,
having been on life support for a while. So, it really
doesn’t matter any longer to most mobile users.

BlackBerry Marches
Forward With Android OS

While BlackBerry OS is as good as dead, the brand is
pushing forward with smartphones that run its own
customised version of Android OS. Sadly, those Android
smartphones are not yet available in a lot of places
around the world.

Windows Next?

From the chart, the trajectory of Windows Phone/Mobile
suggests that shortly, it will hit ground zero too. Windows
has gone from 1.1% to 0.3% in a year. And then,
mainstream smartphone users will be left with no choices
besides the very open Android OS and and the locked
down iOS. Ah. What a world.

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