Did You Know Snapchat Is Doing Better On iOS Than Android?

Snapchat platform on IOS mobile operating system gains
more usage compared to Android users. This was made
public as Snapchat’s IPO filing was just released. This has
drifted the company development resources on the Iphone
experience, keeping Android in a secondary list.
In a statement made by the company in its S-1 filling, “we
have prioritized development of our products to operate
with IOS operating systems rather than smart phones with
android operating system,”.

It is obvious that snapchat android users are not getting
equal quality as their counter part on IOS platform. “if we
are unable to improve operability of our products on
smartphones with android operating systems and those
smartphones become more popular and fewer people use
smartphones with IOS operating systems, our business
could be seriously harmed” the company stated in the S-1
business risks section.

Globally, Android users are more in number compared to
IOS users in terms of smartphones market share but this
is not a proof that the number of snapchat users on
android operating systems are more to its users on IOS
operating system.

In the past, complains have been made by snapchat
android users about the difference in video quality
between the two mobile operating systems as the video
quality appears smoother and better on IOS devices as
both experiences are not same. This has struck the minds
of android users, placing them as lower class snapchat

Snapchat has accepted the fact that in order to maintain
its android users, an improvement has to be made to
equate the Android experience to IOS experi

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