Blackberry Releases Its BBM Enterprise Software Development Kit (SDK)

Blackberry has announced it is making
available to developers its software
development kit (SDK). With the SDK,
developers will be able to integrate secure
messaging, voice and video capabilities into
applications and services. It also marks the
entrance of Blackberry into the
Communications Platform as a Service
(CPaaS) market.

In an announcement, Blackberry said the
BBM Enterprise SDK will become available
from this month to allow BlackBerry to be
competitive with other cloud
communications platforms by presenting
enterprises and developers APIs to enhance
overall business processes.
“We are constantly innovating and looking for
ways to leverage our legacy and expertise in
secure mobility to solve real business
problems,” said Marty Beard, Chief Operating
Officer, BlackBerry. “We are opening up a
new revenue stream for the company with a
fully cloud-based communication service that
is designed to help developers, ISVs, and
enterprises meet the most demanding
security and compliance requirements.”

For those who do not know, A software
development kit (SDK or “devkit”) is typically
a set of software development tools that
allows the creation of applications for a
certain software package, software
framework, hardware platform, computer
system, video game console, operating
system, or similar development platform.
Some of the partners which support various
industries such as healthcare, law
enforcement, and financial services had
these to say.

“Mobile Innovations is excited to leverage
BBM Enterprise SDK. Our law enforcement
customers have a strong need for highly
secure and protected IM and multi-OS chat
groups, as they come together to staff
incidents, attend occurrences, and solve
crimes,” said Gary Bauer, President, Mobile
Innovations Corp.

“We are excited to extend our long-standing
relationship with BlackBerry. Combining the
security and functionality of BBM Enterprise
SDK into Tango Networks’ Kinetic
Communications Platform will allow us to
deliver solutions that meet and exceed
current and future compliance standards. In
conjunction with the BBM Enterprise
platform, we will be able to decrease the
complexity, infrastructure, and cost for our
enterprise customers while ensuring the
strictest security requirements and
protection,” Derek Peper, Senior Vice
President, Tango Networks, said.

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