Blackberry OS Market Share Now 0.0%

In the last two years or more, no one would
have ever predicted that this would happen.
Blackberry, some years back, was a very
strong force to contend with. But the, things
change and tables turn, and anything that
goes around comes around.
Today, even the other operating systems that
is not android or any popular ones have
greater market share than the once great
Presently, Blackberry operating system has a
0.0% market share. This stats comes even
after selling 207,900 devices running its own
operating system in the last quarter of 2016,
but then, that might as well have been zero.

Windows OS still had a market share of 0.3
percent. iOS earned a 17.9 percent market
share in Q4 2016, and Android was the clear
winner with 352.7 million smartphones sold
and a market share of 81.7 percent.

The android lead won’t even be surprising to
a two year old child as it is very obvious the
dominating nature of the android operating
systems in the smartphone industry.

It was very glaring very recently, that the die
had been cast for blackberry – since
circumstances decided for them to stop

BlackBerry OS is a proprietary mobile
operating system developed by BlackBerry
Limited for its BlackBerry line of smartphone
handheld devices.

The operating system provides multitasking
and supports specialized input devices that
have been adopted by BlackBerry for use in
its handhelds, particularly the trackwheel,
trackball, and most recently, the trackpad
and touchscreen.

Well, very soon, it will surely be good bye in
its entirety to the blackberry operating
system. *sobs*..

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