Blackberry In Sorrow As Their OS Hits 0% Market Share

If you are still using blackberry device, is high time you threw
your BlackBerry smartphone in the nearby wastebin facility.
The Latest report from
,shows how blackberry
operating system (OS) is of no use in the market which
means they had 0% market share.
In the last quarter of 2016, blackberry sold 207,900 devices
running its own operating system and this year 2017 was
reported that they sold no phone running on their operating
system which results to 0.0% market share and Windows OS
still had a market share of 0.3 percent, iOS earned a 17.9
percent market share in Q4 2016 but Android was the clear
overall winner with 352.7 million smartphones sold and a
market share of 81.7 percent.
Blackberry has fallen down to 0.0% market share while other
Operating Systems (OS) performed better than it. So this
means blackberry has collapsed.

What do you have to say about the sudden crash of
blackberry OS?

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