Apple’s next iPhone might support wireless charging

What do you think about wireless charging? Well, whether
you like it or love it, wireless charging is coming to our
mobile devices soon. That would explain why Apple just
joined the Wireless Power Consortium.
Wait, what’s that? The Wireless Power Consortium is a
multinational technology consortium (Wikipedia). It was
formed in 2008, and its mission is to create and promote
wide market adoption of its interface standard, Qi, which
is used for wireless charging across a number of
products. So, basically, this consortium wants all our
charging to be done without cables. And Apple has
joined them. You know what this means, right? Let me
spell it out: it means that the next iPhone could come
with wireless charging. Yaay for Apple!
We all know that charging devices wirelessly is not
exactly a new thing; heck, Samsung has had that feature
for a while. Well, according to analyst Vicky Yussuff, “The
success of wireless charging adoption from Apple’s
competitors is something that Apple can no longer
ignore”. She also pointed out that according to a survey
of Apple consumers, 90% of these dudes want wireless
charging. That’s a lot of people that want to cut ties with

I must say at this point that the Qi wireless charger is
quite cool. With this device, you could charge your phone
through any of two methods: inductive charging or
resonant charging. Well, so far, Apple has not made any
announcement about its plans for the Qi standard.

However, they did issue a statement I which they
declared their affiliation with the Wireless Power
Consortium. They also expressed excitement at e
prospect of working with the other members of the

Other members of the Wireless Power Consortium
include Lenovo, LG, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Nokia and
(surprise. . .) Samsung. This means that with Apple now
in their ranks, the companies with the largest market
share in mobile phones are members of the consortium.

This also means that at some point I the near future,
almost all devices we will use will support wireless
charging. The future is here, folks.

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