Apple Agrees To Begin iPhone Production In India

What would be your first reaction when you
see a ‘made in india ‘ tag on an iPhone.
Would it leave a good impression or would it
have the ‘made in China’ impression?
Regardless which it may leave, we’ll get to
see it soon.

Apple has agreed to terms with the Indian
government to allow them production and
assemblage of its devices (iPhones and its
other Apple product counterparts) in India.

The economic effect this would have on the
host country cannot be overemphasized. It
would sure have a positive long lasting effect
on the country’s Gross Domestic Product as
well as on the creation of jobs.

It would also create more audience for Apple
even though I feel Apple should have at least
a manufacturing and assemblage plant for
the iPhone in Africa. Even though it is glaring
that android fanboys are in the majority over
here, I still strongly advocate this. It could
open them to a larger African audience.

This new move by Apple had been cooking in
the pot for some time now as rumours about
Apple’s India manufacturing plans emanated
sometime in December 2016 and no officials
from Apple nor the Karnataka government
were willing to confirm or refute the rumours
at such period.

But now, we have a statement issued by the
Karnataka government welcoming Apple’s
proposal to commence manufacturing
operations in the state confirmed the
December rumour.

According to the state’s IT minister Priyank
Kharge, “Apple’s plans to manufacture in
Bengaluru will foster cutting edge technology
ecosystem and supply chain development in
the country, which is critical for India to
compete globally.”

Still on the new deal, both parties have
agreed that Apple would be able to run its
own network of stores and retailers across
the country. Apple have longed for this so
dearly since they have been restricted from
retailing devices directly on Indian soil which
had made the smartphone giant found their
way to the number 10 spot on the most
purchased devices in India.

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