Yahoo’s Scub After Verizon Sale To Be Renamed “Altaba”

Former leading search engine giants, Yahoo!
seem to have finally fallen apart! Just right
after successful completion of the sale of a
significant part of the company to Verizon, a
whole lot of changes seem imminent… one
of which have been announced already – a
change of name of the remaining part of the
company that was not acquired by Verizon.
Yahoo said it would change its name after
the sale of its core business to Verizon was

What’s left remaining will now be called
Altaba (formerly known as “RemainCo”), a
holding company for Yahoo’s 15% stake in
Alibaba and its 35.5% stake in Yahoo
Japan. The new name, which sounds awful
and weird by the way, was apparently
originated from two parent word “alternative”
and “Alibaba”.

Of those imminent changes mentioned earlier
in this post that have also occurred is the
stepping Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer from
its board of directors but will, however,
continue to be CEO.

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