Whatsapp Has Stopped Working On Some Devices

First of all, it appears some people are still
living in the past else who can give me a
convincing reason why he/she is still using
some of these phones released about seven
years ago as their main phone.

Well, it seems Whatsapp would be helping
them get rid of it – if it is the greatest reason
for use – as they just stopped supporting the

The Whatsapp company has pulled
the plug on older Android, iPhone, and
Windows Phone 7 Models. Anyone using a
smartphone running Android 2.2 Froyo or iOS
6 and lower versions of iOS, will find out that
WhatsApp has stopped working on their
smartphones and WhatsApp isn’t sorry!

Now, you might think Whatsapp is heartless
for taking such a step but I must say I agree
totally with this move they have taken. Who
else would want to do business with you
when you don’t even have customers

It should be noted that the market shares for
these phones are now very low – no thanks
to the stiff competition in the general phone
market – not just smartphones this time.
According to the numbers, the market shares
of the affected phones goes thus;

0.1 percent for devices running Android 2.2
Froyo, 2.6 percent for devices running iOS 6.

Now, give me a reason why I should render
my service to you when you possess less
than 1 percent of the total number of phones
users in the case of the Android 2.2 Froyo or
less than 3 percent on the other case.
Even if you gibe me a reason, I won’t still do
business with you. So guys, don’t crucify
They did the needful.
Going by their warnings last year, they are
surely not done yet as they would still come
knocking on some other devices door by
June 2017. Amongst these devices are those
still running on the BlackBerry OS, Nokia
Symbian S60, and Nokia S40 operating

So if you are still in the non-whatsapp era,
I’ve got a free advice for you, please upgrade
to the modern day realities. On a lighter note,
you can make buying a Whatsapp enabled
phone part of your new year resolutions.
What do you think?

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