Top Four (4) Best Nigerian Android Games To Play In 2017

Welcome to 2017 everyone, and from the
look of things, it appears to be a good year –
better than the last.
I have compiled a list of
android games which you can play of course
in the year 2017.

These games are interesting
and strictly Nigerian.
Have you ever played a game and wished it
had a Nigerian feel? Maybe something you
did in childhood that was fun and you’ll like
to be reminded about. Or you just want to
have that home feeling while playing the
game? If you answer in the affirmative to any
of these questions, you have to stay right
here, then follow me.


Naija shot reminds us all of the “pick two”,
“pick three”, “suspension” days. Those days
when the card game “whot” was
tremendously popular amongst all age
groups. I could remember I was less than
thirteen years old then and I was already
playing the game.

I don’t know what inspired the game at this
time to be transformed online but something
tells me the overall reduction in people
playing the game caused it. The game has
been over rightly neglected by the entire
populace. Everyone now spend time once
expended playing whot to focus on their
smartphones. Now, you can do both, isn’t
that great?



Well well, many might have their reservations
about the game but to me, it is a very nice

I don’t need to introduce where
sambisa is to you anymore as even my
twelve year old younger sister knows it.
So in “sambisa assault”, You are the soldier
on an elite team of military fighters tasked
with taking out a dreaded terrorist
Your mission is simple, take out
as many terrorists as possible and as you do
so, you raise through the ranks.

Sambisa Assault is totally free to play but
has some in-game items (such as bullet
proof vests, bombs and other ammunition)
for sale that enhance the gaming experience.
Half the Proceeds made from the game goes
to support victims of terrorism. It is
produced by ChopUp games.


Firstly, let me take you back memory lane.
Monkey post is a football game with its own
peculiar style. Well, rules are usually adjusted
as the players or gamblers deem fit for the
occasion, so you can’t say it has a standard
set of rules. The game can be played four-a-
side, Five-a-side or six-a-side, depending on
available space. Sometimes, stones are used
to create goal posts, but there isn’t a

Now to the game produced by ChopUp, it
gives you an exact feel, or near-exact feel of
the old times. ChopUp’s Monkey Post starts
the player off with a newbie team and allows
the player to customise the team name,
logo, jersey etc. The player can then upgrade
each team’s skills as they progress in the
Users can earn ChopUp coins,
upgrade their players, build their teams and
take on the best teams to rank high on the
leader board.


While “Jagun” means warrior in English, the
game relects occurences before the forceful
amalgamation of inhomogeneous regions of
the “Niger area”, to form what is present day
You belong to the Jagunlabi
Kingdom, which has grown to become the
most prosperous in the land.
This arouses
the envy of neighbouring kingdoms who have
made up their mind to conquer you. It’s all
up to you to protect Jagunlabi’s fortress
from being compromised.
It is also developed by ChopUp mobile
gaming platform.

So guys that’s it. Do you feel there’s any
NIGERIAN developed game you’ve played
and deserves this list? Let us know in the

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