TECNO WinPad 2 Full Specifications, Review And Price In Nigeria, Kenya & Ghana

TECNO mobile, technological giant and top
smartphone manufacturer have been on an
unrelentless and consistent run to the top of
the mobile technology market through the
launch of the TECNO WinPad 2; its second
flagship tablet.

The WinPad 2 is an impressive upgrade on
last year’s TECNO WinPad 10 device with
improved specifications and applaudable
hardware upgrades.

Now let’s move down to see what this
beautiful device is made of.

The Tecno WinPad 2 is a metallic and
lightweighted device. The WinPad 2 is also a
two-in-one device that provides users with
the double delight of one; serving both as a
tablet and a PC.

With a detachable keyboard that is super
sleek and easy to detach and attach, the
device is a very suitable option for travellers
that wouldn’t love carrying their bulky laptops
along for business trips or even vacations.

The portability of the device is also a very
attractive feature that makes the device a
good choice of device.

The TECNO WinPad 2 has a 9.2mm thick
body with a general dimension of 260.5 x
164.9 x 9.2mm and weight of 600g.

The keyboard is one of the excellent and
outstanding features that makes the WinPad
2 tablet stand out among other tablets. The
WinPad 2 keyboard is a full keyboard layout
design which is identical to that on most
laptop devices… except for the absence of a
dedicated numeric keypad.

How to attach the keyboard to the tablet?
That’s one helluva easy task as the tablet
docks on the keyboard and you won’t be
needing a Bluetooth or any other wireless
network bto establish a connection between
the tablet and the keyboard. In addition, the
keyboard has a fully functional track pad and
you can easily detach the keyboard from the
WinPad2 using a dedicated button.


The Tecno WinPad 2 being a tablet that it is,
sports a large 10.1-inch High Definition IPS
LCD capacitive touchscreen display with a
1280 x 800 Pixels resolution. The resolution
is highly suitable for perfect viewing on the
device as it has the ability to display up to
16,000,000 colours.


The WinPad 2 has an Intel® Atom X5-Z8350
Quad-Core CPU that powers the device
functioning. Having an Atom X5-Z8350 being
an entry-level CPU however limits the
performance of the device to a not-so-top-
notch level but it however still performs

The use of Intel® Atom X5-Z8350 also limits
the RAM capacity to 2GB and sadly, there is
no option to expand the RAM and therefore
you have to get stuff done with the meager
2GB of RAM and due to this tiny RAM, lags
and stutters are likely to be experienced
when multitasking between programs or
running processes on the device.

However, in lieu of this and as a way of
making up for the poor RAM and processor
make, the CPU has a smart function that
automatically hibernates programs that aren’t
in active use and thus you can squeeze
some extra performance from the WinPad 2.


The Tecno WinPad 2 comes with a rear 5MP
camera with autofocus but no LED flash. The
selfie snapper is however of 2MP quality
which still manages to produce quality and
bright selfies. The quality of the captured
images and video is 6/10 but still
manageable and satisfactory, especially
when used for video calls.

The Tecno WinPad 2 comes with a
monstrous 7000mAh battery capacity which
is a markedly improvement on Tecno’s
WinPad 10 flagship. The battery juice can
comfortably provide up to 10 hours of device
functioning on a single full charge. Most
tablet device in the market can not boast of
such battery power.


The WinPad 2 while supporting 2G/EDGE
network also supports 3G network
connectivity. Wi-Fi networks is also

The WinPad 2 is also equipped with 3
comprehensive USB ports with one of the
single USB having a USB 3.0 rating and this
enhances the rate and speed of transfer of
files between compatible hardware devices.
There is also a mini HDMI and a micro SD
card slot.


On the WinPad 2, you get 64 GB to store
your files and documents. This is however
adequate for Excel and Word files and other
media files.

In case the internal storage space of 64GB is
not enough, you can choose to expand the
memoryof your device to up to 128 GB
through the Micro-SD slot.
That’s it people, the Tecno WinPad 2 review.
Feel free to share this review to your friends
and family so that they can have an idea of
the device specifications and features before
getting one. Who knows… they could even
get one for you too!

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