See Text Message That Could Crash Your iOS Device

While a lot of people might term most iOS
devices to be very secure, they have had
their own share of security breaches.
Recall that in 2016, a newly discovered
malware, dubbed AceDeceiver, affected non-
tampered iOS devices which was noteworthy
because it showed that hackers are “getting
around Apple’s security measures,”
according to some researchers’ explanation.

Although hackers are still primarily targeting
Android devices, the researchers explained,
that they are turning their attention on iOS
devices “because they are so widely

However, presently, its not a malware that is
breaching the security measures of these iOS
devices now, its a mere text message. This
text message can permanently render your
iMessage app useless is out in the wild, and
this was demonstrated by a Youtuber. This
exploit crashes iOS and a simple reboot
won’t even fix it.

The message in question contains a large
contacts file that is attached via iCloud Drive.
Upon receiving the message, the message
app freezes and the keyboard refuses to
respond. The only way to exit is through the
app switcher. Re-launching the message app
still breaks it as only a white screen is
shown, taking the user back to the home
screen after some seconds.

This malicious message permanently breaks
the iMessage app and a user will be unable
to read or reply any more message.
It appears the iMessage app crashes
because it’s unable to decipher the contacts
Apple will likely release a fix as this may
become serious if widespread.

Our recommendations?

If you own an iPhone, we are advicing that
you do not open suspicious attachments and
links. The only solution to such a scenario, if
it happens, might be a full restore without
backup which will result in a very great data
loss on your part. You have been warned.

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