See How Emojis Can Crash Your iPhone

To all iPhone users out there, there is a new
video in circulation that shows how to crash
an iPhone by sending a text that contains
emojis. Still don’t believe it? Just read on.

The video was uploaded by the popular
YouTube prankster EverythingApplePro . In
the video, it would be seen how a random
collection of text messages can make your
iPhone crash and reboot. The text string in
the video can be seen to be composed of a
waving white flag emoji, a zero, a rainbow,
and a variation selector – which is a hidden
Unicode character that can be copied into an

However, sending the message isn’t as easy
as typing the characters because you have to
log into the web version of iCloud after which
you have to paste the special VS16 character
into the online Notes app, and then finally
open the saved text string on a phone and
share it as a text message.

Watch video through this link ==> https://

If you send all four of the characters at once,
the recipient’s device will freeze
immediately! Yes, immediately! You don’t
even have to open the message before it
crashes your device.

Luckily, there’s a solution. The only way to
protect yourself, your iPhone and your datas
is by updating to the latest version of iOS.

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