Samsung Hoards New Snapdragon Processors, Leaving Rivals Stuck

You want to know how to do business,
please go for your internship at Samsung Inc.
There you can learn a whole lot of business
tricks and strategies – both the black heart
and white heart ones.

If these rumours are to be trusted,then I
must give Samsung credit not just for being
doing what they just did, but for having the
courage to do so. But then, as said earlier,
it’s still a rumor.

As you would have heard, the snapdragon
835 processor is out and Samsung just pulled
an extremely fast one on their competitors,
while trying to pull 2017 in their favour.
Samsung allegedly claimed so many
Snapdragon 835 processors (Qualcomm’s
latest processor) for its Galaxy S8 series,
forcing other competitors to resort to the
older processors until the S8 launches. This
means the likes of LG, HTC, and other
Android makers will be forced to settle for
last year’s model, Snapdragon 821 chip, for
their first flagship devices.

While many of these smartphone makers
would be releasing their flagship devices
soon, it is very unfair for Samsung to have
done this. But then, to survive in this market,
you just have to be brutal even if it’s against
every fibre of your being.
Well, as some people have opined, you
shouldn’t put all the blame on Samsung
since most phone manufacturers often avoid
the use of the latest tech available.

So what does this tells us? I guess it
suggests that we should be expecting a
Snapdragon 835 processor for Samsung’s
flagship phone this year while others would
still be sticked on the Snapdragon 821
Again, we would all see how everything

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