RUMOUR: Nokia 6 May Get A Lower Version – The Nokia Heart

Given that the Nokia 6 reportedly got sold out
in a minute, all doubts have surely been
cleared that the device is a huge success
and perhaps the beginning of a new era for
the smartphone company, NOKIA.

Apparently, going by GFXBench’s report, the
NOKIA 6 will not be the last Nokia-branded
smartphone lined up for release this year.

Seems Nokia wants to bounce back into
relevancy and dominate the smartphone
market with a BANG!!!
The leak of a screenshot showing the
benchmark run of a new Nokia prototype has
revealed one of the upcoming devices that
would be released by NOKIA this year. The
device is quite lower-ended when compared
to the Nokia 6 specs-wise although it has the
same Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chipset as
the NOKIA 6.

According to GFXBench, the new phone is
codenamed Heart. The Nokia Heart will sport
a 5.2-inch 720p touchscreen, a 12 or 13 MP
main camera, an 8 MP selfie shooter, 2GB of
RAM, 16GB of built-in storage and
applaudably runs on the latest Android 7.0
Nougat OS.
It is expected that the NOKIA Heart would be
cheaper than the Nokia 6 that costs about
$250 in China. The NOKIA Heart is predicted
to sell for retail around $150-200.

If the report by GFXBench is anything to go
by, then NOKIA really deserves to be
applauded as this will be an amazing
alternative to those who can’t afford the
$250 tagged NOKIA 6. This development
also signals NOKIA’s levels of dedication
and commitment towards regaining ttheir
spot as the number one phone company.

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