Just Like Whatsapp, Telegram Stops Supporting Some Devices

In no distant time, there are some android operating system
versions that will no more be in use. If they are, then the users
would be left with no sensible application to make use of on
the android phone. Recently Whatsapp stopped working on
some outdated android operating systems whose market
shares are less than three percent. And by June, they’ll stop
supporting the blackberry operating system as well.

Now, telegram has decided to follow in the steps of the
instant messaging app as they have stopped supporting some
Android operating systems as well. Telegram take a turn to
announce that its leaving behind users running Android 2.2,
Android 2.3 and 3.0 too. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is
the minimum operating system version required to run
Telegram’s latest version.


We’ll discover here that telegram decided to go a little higher
than Whatsapp on the operating systems they stopped
supporting. While Whatsapp cut it ties with Android 2.1 and
2.2, iOS 6 and Windows Phone 7, telegram took it a little
further to Android 2.3 and 3.0. They seem more determined to
upgrade users.
Many have opined that the reason behind this move by
telegram is to software to get more features which require a
new operating system. However, whatever their reason may
be, I only see them helping people upgrade and get
acquainted with modern day realities.

For those who are still using these operating systems, you all
have a saving grace as you can try out the Telegram web for
your use from your mobile browser.
In December 2014, Telegram announced they had 50 million
active users, generating 1 billion daily messages and that they
had 1 million new users signing up on their service every week;
traffic doubled in five months with 2 billion daily messages. In
September 2015, an announcement stated that the app had 60
million active users and delivered 12 billion daily messages. In
February 2016, Telegram announced that they had 100 million
monthly active users, with 350,000 new users signing up every
day, delivering 15 billion messages daily.

My thoughts, are revolving round the surprising fact that these
much people still use telegram.

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