Instagram To Commence Display Of Adverts Between Stories


Just days after Facebook announces that it
would start showing Ads in every video
published on its platform,
Instagram, also in a bid to increase income
have developed a technique to spread Advert
reach on its platform too. It is becoming very
glaring that Tech and social media
companies are going all out to make money
this year.

Instagram will start placing full-screen ads
within its Stories feature. It would be recalled
that Instagram Stories feature attained 150
million users in the five months of inception.
Perhaps the picture and video sharing giants
were waiting for the right time for the Stories
feauture to gain enough publicity and
acceptance before the incorporation of any
monetization strategy. A really well
calculated move I must say.

The Stories advertisement feature is still
however being tested at the moment with a
few big clients like Netflix, Nike and AirBnb,
but there’s a high chance of expansion to a
wider range and class of other businesses

Photo ads will be about 5 seconds long while
videos will take only 15 seconds. Instagram
understands how annoying and big of a
menace Ads could sometimes be and of
such have made it possible to skip them (the
Ads) with just a swipe.

Another cool thing about the Stories Ads is
that the ads won’t show up until you’ve
watched a lot of stories in sequence-
meaning the ads are put in between two
friends’ stories.

Also, Instagram will be providing users with a
business profile with new features including
Analytics about Stories, including reach,
impressions, replies and exits for each
individual story. Businesses will also be able
to set up targeting, and measurement
capabilities in order to enhance reaching out
to the right audiences/targets.

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